17 Signs He is Seeing Someone Else

infidelity-signs he is seeing someone else

Are you concerned your man is seeing someone else on the side? Has he engaged in any behavior that has lately made you suspicious? Well the thing with suspicion is once aroused, it is difficult to simply put it away, so go ahead put your man to the test, check his recent behavior against these signs he is seeing someone else and find out for sure! When he shows no signs of … [Read more...]

11 signs he is not ready to commit

signs he is not ready to commit

When we fall in love, we most often lose all objectivity, and with this loss of objectivity we are unable to see or correctly discern what is really going on in the relationship lot of ladies worry about whether or not the guy they are dating is truly committed to them. With this in mind we have researched and put together 11 signs he is not ready to commit. He finds it … [Read more...]

10 signs he is really into you

signs he is really into youpends time with you

Are wondering if this new guy is really into you? well men think and act a lot differently from women and sometimes it could be really difficult to gauge where a man's emotions lie, but these signs he is really into you, will clearly show if this new guy really thinks you are the one. 1 A man will always want to impress a woman he likes, but When you notice he is much more … [Read more...]

Serious Tips on How to find Mr Right

You have got to  decide on what you want.

Waiting for the right guy to come around can be an endlessly tiring process, especially if you have sit around waiting him to magically show-up. The question is is they a way to go about finding the right one for you? Are they things you could do, that will make your search more successful. In this piece, i am going to be proffering answers to these questions and more...about … [Read more...]

5 Signs he likes you after a first date

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It is difficult to know during a first date, the effect you have (or not) on your date. Still, some signs speak volumes and are rather positive. Here are the Top 5 Signs he likes you after a first date. He Makes eye contact If he plunges his eyes into yours, he is always looking to meet your gaze and he argues that it is not trying to impress you, but he hopes to create … [Read more...]