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How to Get the Right Guy - ask the right questions

5 things not to say on a first date!

Honesty is often advocated in love, and this is true, and yet ... here are five things to keep quiet about during the first...

Does this guy have a crush on me?

Have you ever found yourself wondering if a guy has a crush on you?  It is a relevant question. It helps you not to...

Recognize an unfaithful man|Signs he is unfaithful

How do you recognize an unfaithful man? what are the signs he is unfaithful? Rea d article to find out!
infidelity-signs he is seeing someone else

17 Signs He is Seeing Someone Else

Are you concerned your man is seeing someone else on the side? Has he engaged in any behavior that has lately made you suspicious?...

10 Ways to catch his attention without appearing desperate

Once you realize that you’re interested in a guy, the hard part begins. Men are notoriously aloof about women liking them, and they often...