10 Ways to catch his attention without appearing desperate

Once you realize that you’re interested in a guy, the hard part begins. Men are notoriously aloof about women liking them, and they often...

8 Signs he’s only interested in sex

when a guy is only interested in getting down with you, he inadvertently betrays this by his actions, this shows you 8 Signs he's only interested in sex......

Recognize an unfaithful man|Signs he is unfaithful

How do you recognize an unfaithful man? what are the signs he is unfaithful? Rea d article to find out!
how to open your heart to love

How to open your heart to love

How to open your heart to loveDear beautiful readersWhat is life? Why are we here ? For me, what I have experienced is that...

15 signs he is ready to propose

A man who already has marriage on his mind will need very little prodding to commit, this piece helps you recognize the signs that your man is ready for commitment
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