Are wondering if this new guy is really into you? well men think and act a lot differently from women and sometimes it could be really difficult to gauge where a man’s emotions lie, but these signs he is really into you, will clearly show if this new guy really thinks you are the one.

1 A man will always want to impress a woman he likes, but When you notice he is much more interested in knowing you than in bragging about himself, then you know he is falling for you. It’s easy to tell when a guy is trying to get a girl’s attention, but when he starts to pay attention to her and starts finding all the little details about her, that’s a sure sign that he is in to her.

2 He says “we”: When the man, independent and proud as he could be, begins to use words like “we” to talk about you and him, this is a very positive sign. It means he doesn’t only think of himself when he projects for the future, it means he sees the possibility of a future with you.

3 Another sign that reveals how much you mean to him is how quickly he tries to reconcile with you when there are fights or arguments. A guy who has fallen in love with you, will quickly set aside his ego and make amends to end a misunderstanding with you, this is a sign that he values you and the relationship.

3 Your man feels the urge, if not the need to see you often? He does everything possible to create time to spend with you, cancels an evening with friends to spend time with you? This is proof that he is very attached to you. If after each date , he asks when he can see you again, that’s a clue that shows that Mr. crush is really into you …You know he is fond of you, When he often calls and texts you, and keeps you in the loop.

4 When he is upfront with you about himself, he doesn’t refrain from talking to you about his personal life, He talks to you about things he is passionate about, his goals, his passions and all that stuff.

5 Men generally find it much more difficult than women to show emotions, and giving you a nickname maybe a way of expressing
how he feels about you. When a guy gives a girl a nice nickname, this is usually associated with strong positive feelings he has for the woman.

6 Men generally like being in control, but you know he is in to you when he lets you have the remote control, when you are visiting at his place and he lets you pick the movie when you guys go out to the cinema. This is huge!

7 He Feels Happier Around You. This is an obvious sign, but one we may take lightly, when a guy can’t hide his excitement towards you
This may seem like obvious advice but it’s very often overlooked. This simple fact speaks volumes of how he feels about you.
that a guy can’t hide his smile around you or that he is often over excited tells you a lot about whether he is into you. Sometimes you’ll notice that he blushes a lot more because of the simple fact that you’re there.

8 The loving man looks at you, and watches you. Far from the obsessed psychopath with binoculars or captivated with your neck,
he looks you in the eye (well, not only), a soft, romantic look. He is never tired of having you under his eyes and tries to
know your lines by heart. His gaze is proud and tender. Because you’re beautiful to him!

9 He let’s go with you: Pay attention to the “let go”, this does not mean that he becomes too familiar. It’s just the opposite. If a man indulges you in confidences, it is a sign that he feels good with you, and has confidence in you, and he wants you to learn to know him better. Basically, he lowers his guard, something quite rare and ought to be observed and noted.

10 When he introduces you to his friends, it’s yet another sign that does not lie: when a guy presents you to his circle of friends. he is really showing that he wants you to know the people he loves and that includes you.

There it is, these are the top ten signs he is really into you, are they other signs i have left out? Please feel free to share them here.

signs he is really into youpends time with you

When he is into you he spends time with you


Image Credit: Pedro Ribeiro Simões (creative commons)