Do you know that in a long distance relationships, the distance is a common cause of breakup?  The saying “Out of sight, out of heart” is far from an empty proverb here: It is difficult to keep the flame of love when you can not see each other often. In particular, any sexual side of the relationship is likely to fall by the wayside if you do not take things in hand. But do not worry, there are plenty of ways to spice up a relationship, even remotely! So if you lost your ex after a period of separation, and you do not want to repeat that mistake, or if you are just separated from your loved one and you are afraid that the distance may get in the way, read this piece on ways to spice up a long distance relationship below, they will surely give you ideas and teach you how to spice up long distance relationship!


Remember to not do whatever you’re uncomfortable with. If you and your partner did not have sex, you should not do things of a sexual nature that is going to hurt you and create unease. If something makes you feel strange, do not worry. There are many ways you can spice up your relationship that can connect you with your perfect match and make your relationship stronger. For people who have sex, it is important to keep this aspect of the relationship stronger. But even then, it should not be the only thing you do. Instead, you and your partner must find innovative and fun ways to get involved in the world around you and share with each other. This will spice up your relationship more than anything else.


1 – Send naughty messages

Either by sms or email, nothing forces you to stick to the words of love full of romanticism. There are between adults and sex is part of your life. You can prick your half sentences with double meaning, a little green language, naughty proposals … the risk is obviously to generate some frustration on both sides, but provided you do not abuse it, it ‘ is delicious … and this will make your reunion even more intense.

2 – Give him sensual photos

There is no need of pictures like a porn site instead. Why not make a photo opportunity (sub) sexy clothing, or cosmetic bare (black and white?) And to discover your other half over the mails, allowing him to fall asleep dreaming of you? No need to send very hot photos. Simple sexy photos of you is  enough to spice up a long distance relationship. Take sexy photos of yourself in underwear and send them to your partner. It’s not just men who love sexy photos. This is also the case for women. You can even make a game out of it  and take pictures of you doing a striptease and send them throughout the day. It can be an original idea.

3 – Write a passionate text

Write a poem about the sensual attractions of your loved one (s), or send him a handwritten letter in which you tell ecstatically last night you spent together: even if it is fiction, it may have a positive effect. The only risk, in fact, it is the disappointment when you find yourself face to face. The SMS is a widely used means of communication nowadays. A naughty sms is always a pleasure to receive. In addition it is exciting to receive this kind of message. A single short message can easily spice up a long distance relationship. Feel free to send any time of the day. You can also do the same thing with the mail.

4 – Share a text, song, video

You have no inspiration? No problem! Send your sweetie (e) a quote that applies perfectly to both of you, let him discover a song, a literary text or a movie scene that you find particularly moving and / or sexy.

5 – Be naughty on the phone

If you have the opportunity to speak often on the phone with your partner, then this is a great way to spice up your relationship. As with sending naughty sms you can also do the same by calling to spice up a long distance relationship. Except that you have the voice aspect. Like most couples in a long distance relationship you should probably call each other  every day. So why not be naughty (e)? You can say whatever you like as if you were together and even more …

Anyway you get the  principle. Same process as the sexy messages, but with the voice … You can tell what you want from what you would do if he / she was around, down to the clothes you wear and … I stop here.

6 –  Chatting

You chat with your partner? Do not hold back, as well as on the phone or in writing. Variation: use smileys naughty, you’ll find plenty on the internet.

7 – If you have a webcam …

To spice up a long distance relationship what better than a webcam. No need to tell you what to do with. Before we used a webcam attached to the computer screen. Now there are touch pads that do very nicely. You just need to install an application like Skype. The advantage is that you do not have to stand behind your computer. I have no need to explain what to do with the only limit being your tastes and your love. Also pay attention to the consequences anyway …

8 – Provide an intimate setting for your meetings

When you have the opportunity to see each other, choose a place where you can unleash your enthusiasm. Nurse comfort but also the decor: sumptuous hotel room if you have the means, suitable if you go for home decoration (silk sheets, rose petals, perfume … you’ll find plenty of ideas in the manual of seduction) .

9 – Have a romantic evening

A simple activity will put you in the best state of mind and give more luster to the evening, such as taking a walk in a romantic corner, candlelight dinner or afternoon spa, depending on your tastes … but if you can make the evening a memorable one, it will leave all the more enduring memories for the long periods of time you have to spend away from each other.

10 – Put a dose of adventure in your meetings

Another way to leave your beloved (e) a memorable impression is to make love in a very special setting. Why not take a walk in nature (with nap included), rent a sailboat and extend all under the sun and the sea, or find yourself on the sand at the water’s edge at night, by the moonlight? If you take the necessary precautions for your comfort (especially against the cold and insects), a meeting in this context can be magical and mark you forever.

10 – Visit.

A visit is the best way to spice up your relationship. Even if you can not spend much time together, it still says you are willing to do what it takes to be with him or her.

11 – If your partner has a favorite radio station that he or she listens to a certain time each day, call and ask to dedicate a significant song for him so he can listen to it. In this way, you can both be reminded that even if you are not together, the distance is not a hindrance, and you can always find ways to express your love for each other.

12- Surprise  your partner to spice up a long distance relationship.

Even in along distance relationship  routine can be developed. So to break the routine and spice up a long distance relationship you should  surprise your partner. Do things that your partner does not expect you to. For example you can send love letters through the mail. Even send sexy pictures as seen above. This exchange text messages and phone calls. Pay him surprise visits. Anyway there are plenty of different ways to surprise your partner and it is left for you to use your imagination to create the kind of surprise that will strengthen your relationship.

When you’re in a long distance relationship, you are bound to experience stress and frustration. The things you could easily workout if you were together in person, become major issues and problems when you are separated. Fortunately, you and your new love can do little things to show that you love each other and you think of each other. Putting you in the mind of your partner, you create links that are durable, strong and spice up your relationship so that it can withstand the distance.


 10 ways to spice up a long distance relationship

long distance relationships can be beautiful with the right approach!

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