Are you concerned your man is seeing someone else on the side? Has he engaged in any behavior that has lately made you suspicious? Well the thing with suspicion is once aroused, it is difficult to simply put it away, so go ahead put your man to the test, check his recent behavior against these signs he is seeing someone else and find out for sure!
infidelity-signs he is seeing someone else

When he shows no signs of interest in you anymore: Men tend to withdraw from their partners from time to time, and this is normal, but if he is showing no interests for prolonged periods then it is indeed likely that he is paying all his attention somewhere else.

When he starts going out more, without you
: A key sign of love between a couple is that they tend to do everything together, including going out to dinner and to movies, but if your man has suddenly without any plausible explanation taken to the habit of hanging out by himself, then it is indeed likely that he may not really be by himself, when a man start seeing a woman on the outside, it is not unusual that he will have to spend a lot of time with his new interest, hence his “outings” alone.

Maybe he is wearing a new cologne?: This of course perfectly normal that he may have a change of taste and opt for a new cologne, but if this “change” is followed by other signs on this list, then you may begin to wonder if …..

When he starts hiding things from you, or starts sneaking around: You should be wary if your man uncharacteristically starts to hide things from you or when he suddenly becomes overly secretive, and again this may be nothing or just a passing mood, but if his sneaky behavior coincides with the other signs he is seeing someone else, then you may have to investigate further.

When he suddenly has Renewed interest in/a change of habits in the following areas

– Brushing his teeth more often.

– Coming home and jumping straight into the shower.

– Other grooming (dressing a bit nicer, having regular haircuts)

When he goes into other room to answer calls on his cell phone
: This is a big one, if suddenly he doesn’t feel comfortable taking some of his calls around you, then he may be hiding something or someone ..

When he closes the computer or changes screens when you come in to the room
: This is another obvious sign, if he doesn’t want you to see what he’s up-to on his computer screen, then he is definitely hiding something and one of which could be, the new woman in his life.

Suddenly has more appointments when he can’t be reached
: Coupled with the other signs, this could be a red flag, and something you should take note off.

When he Accuses YOU of having an affair
: Some men who have affairs tend to have conscience issues, and as a defensive mechanism will actually accuse you of having an affair. So if you are perplexed that he accused you of having an affair, out of the blue, you shouldn’t be, rather it’s time to open your eyes and take a closer look at what he’s been up to.

When he often has to go away on a business trip – mostly on the weekends: They are times when things at work get demanding and he may be forced to put in more time to get things done. This is not to say you should turn a blind eye on all his late night business meetings and weekend trips away. Probing a little here and there doesn’t mean you are insecure.

When He acutely avoids taking you to certain bars or restaurants
: Is he avoiding taking you to a particular bar or restaurant? OK he may simply not like the place anymore or not like the the way the place is lit or he doesn’t want to take you where he has taken this other lady to.

He suddenly feels more energized or is in suddenly higher spirits: If your man is suddenly full of energy and enthusiasm, then it is quite likely that the love of a new woman is seriously boosting his ego.

He has unexpectedly become touchy about you or anybody else going through his wallet or cell phone: This is rather obvious, if he looks like he has something to hide, you should probably look deeper cause he may well likely be hiding something, may be even an ….

He has suddenly picked up new interests, in areas which he had absolutely no interest in before
: There is nothing more energizing for a man than trying to woo a new woman, men have been known to undergo dramatic changes and attained amazing heights of creativity when the love of a new woman is at stake. So if you find your man doing things he never would have done in the past, then it is likely that he is trying to please someone else.

When you both have sex, he now tries positions or techniques which he had never used before
: This may not be too abnormal, but if your man is the frigid type and all of a sudden he becomes transformed to this stud in bed, then you really have to wonder where this change is coming from.

He is unavailable or unreachable at odd times – times which he was normally available before
: If he is frequently not inexplicably not reachable at certain types, then it may not be far fetched to say, he may be having an affair, especially when he checks against most of the signs on the list.

He begins to speak in a certain tone or style or diction
: If you have noticed that your partner now speaks with certain a vocabulary, which he never used when you first met him and during your relationship with him you may have cause to wonder. As we’ve said earlier men can do very silly things when they are anxious to please, and your man is no exception.

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