How to tell someone how much they mean to you

How to tell someone how much they mean to you


How many times have you thought to tell an important person in your life how important they are and then end up not telling them? How many times have you thought about how much you love or appreciate someone and then not share it ? If this happens to you, know that you are not alone! However, be aware that you can do something about it by using this piece on How to tell someone how much they mean to you – 3 Simple Steps !

Most people find it difficult to express themselves, especially when it comes to sharing love and affection. It is okay if this happens to you, as are not alone! However, you can change the way you handle those moments in the future.

” The ancestor of every action is a thought ! ” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Well, if this happened to you, then you’ve obviously thought about what the person means to you, now you just need to learn how to voice it. They are actually several ways to say it, because verbal communication is only part of the process! You can tell someone how much you care, just by talking about what is on your mind, ” Kaitlin , I want you to know that I love you and I am very proud of you ! ” You can tell someone by demonstrating through action how you feel about them, giving them a hug, buying a card or by combining the act of touching and / or visual demonstration and / or verbal expression (or a combination of the two or even all three them).

We can not do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love. ” – Mother Teresa

The process in 3 simple steps to tell others how you feel about them (drum roll , please! ) Is to stay in the present moment , so when you think about how you feel about that person, you then formulate your plan on how to express this feeling and finally you follow it up. The other night I had some nice moments with my oldest daughter and I said, “I need to share with her that I love her!” Now, I do a lot ! However, I like most of you do not share this nearly enough, and therefore needed to guide myself through the process. Since I realized how much I was enjoying the moment, I then began to formulate my plan of expressing my feelings for her. I thought about a few different options and decided on my plan, as well as some ways to carry it out. Then was forced to follow through! Yes, I had to force myself because I was not sure how it could be arranged. Well, I decided it did not matter how it turned out , what mattered was that I told him how I felt . It turned out great and I felt even better!

Express yourself :
– Being present
– Formulate plan
– Follow through

Let me explain the next steps. When your attention and thoughts are in the present moment. So, that now you are aware of your thoughts and this is a very important aspect of the process. Once you realize that you’ve thought, “Man , I love this person ” or “I’m so proud of him! “, You can develop a plan of expressing it. Sometimes the plan is just to say how you feel, “I am so proud of you!” or sometimes the plan requires more thought. you may decide that you want to surprise that person with a card and a wonderful candlelit dinner. so you include how to make that happen. once you have decided on your plan of action or actions, you must follow through. It means nothing to just think, people need to see, hear and feel!

At first you may need to consciously force yourself to follow through and it does not matter, because this is new to you. But by always allowing yourself to express your feelings to others, you will get better at it and most importantly, they will be grateful. TheĀ  adequate expression of love and affection is very healthy for the other person, but it is also very healthy for you too. Expressing how you feel about others will most likely lead to better relationships and in turn lead to them expressing their feelings for you ! It’s a win win .