signs he is really into you

signs he is really into you

Leading psychologists have concluded that the timing of the decision by men to say goodbye to their bachelorhood is influenced by a single phenomena: their own biological clock. How do you tell if your boyfriend is ready for marriage?

how to know if a man is ready to marry?

Professor Carol Morgan say’s that every man has his biological rhythms that define the age of marriage. If the lady observes her partner, she will be able to find out, through these four criteria whether or not the time has come for him to settle down, and if the man is ready for marriage. It turns out that the man is ready to go to the altar only at certain times, and not a moment sooner.

A team of specialists surveyed 2,500 men aged 17-70 years and found that the reluctance to visit their favorite bars, dance clubs and other venues is the first signal to men that it is time to get married. Men surveyed admitted they felt increasingly out-of-place being in such events. According to Morgan, the next feature is financial independence. The priorities of the majority of men tend to be concentrated on the acquisition of financial security before having a family.

If the man still can not pay his bills by himself, it is unlikely he wants to take responsibility for his wife. The third characteristic mentioned by scientists is the unset of the wish to become a dad. It can be easily deduced by observing how much fun they have playing with other people’s children. And the fourth signal, which a woman can easily notice is when a man starts to behave as a husband. In this case, such as, when he will make plans for their future together and will introduce the girl to his family.

Image credit: Kumon (creative commons)