Honesty is often advocated in love, and this is true, and yet … here are five things to keep quiet about during the first date.

You have chatted with one of the many singles on dating sites online.The dating profile picture seems attractive, you exchange emails and a  constructive relationship ensues and you exchange telephone contacts. It’s time for the first date. Here are five things you should not say on a first day!

An initial date can be stressful, especially if you place your expectation too high and the pressure mounts on you: “Maybe this is the beginning of something with this new guy? “…” Maybe it will lead me to the wedding of my dreams? “…

Honesty is definitely the best course of action in love, but on a first date, we believe, you should not unpack everything, avoid confidences, especially if you have a slight tendency to pour you …

1) Leave out talk about your ex
Talk about your expectations, say what you expect of a relationship, but do not dwell on the past or you may only end up scaring your date. Do not succumb to the temptation of blaming your ex, leave them where they are: behind you. Avoid phrases such as “my ex hurts me so” are banned. What do you plan to do in the future, share your goals and dreams. And ask yourself if you have more in common with the person in front of you.

2) Do not make a list your daily problems
Do not make an inventory of your daily problems on your first day out. The troubled mood like “I’m the head” is not the sexiest. If you carry your burden on the day of your first date, emotions like this are quickly contagious, and he will quickly join in with you! On a first date you ought to put on a cheerful attitude. To do this, take some time before the meeting to prepare yourself physically and mentally. And do everything to look as casual, cheerful and playful as you can.

3) Do not immediately unload family Problems
We all have problems! But family problems, especially if they are heavy, can wait. Your date will not make them disappear.You should rather talk about positive family values, your own values, those you received and the ones you want to promote.

 5 things not to say on a first date!

5 things not to say on a first date!

4) Avoid political confrontation
Should we talk politics with our date? There has been a lot of discuss on this issue and on this point I must admit that there are many views in writing. A good political discussion, it is true, can add spice to the game and reveal a common interest in news and public affairs. But it can also create unnecessary tensions and especially too early. A U.S. study in 2009 says that on dating sites, Singles prefer to admit they are overweight than to admit talk about their political opinion …

5) Dismiss difficult questions subtly
“And if not, what do you do for a living? “Is certainly one of the first questions you ask or are asked. So if unfortunately you just dismiss questions like this, you should be honest in avoiding the subject, or to answer the question optimistically: “I’m between jobs right now.” Then skip the topic skillfully and go to something lighter! There is nothing wrong with being fired or being unemployed, but it is better than your new partner gets to know you … without prejudice.

Have a ball!…