It is difficult to know during a first date, the effect you have (or
not) on your date. Still, some signs speak volumes and are rather
positive. Here are the Top 5 Signs he likes you after a first date.

He Makes eye contact

If he plunges his eyes into yours, he is always looking to meet your gaze and he argues that it is not trying to impress you, but he hopes to create a connection. And more importantly, he seeks to know you better, to unravel the mystery that you represent. But beware, if he avoids your gaze and fails to support it, this may not necessarily mean that he is not interested, perhaps he is simply shy and too troubled to dare to look you in the eyes.

He talked a lot

Men who talk too much fall into two distinct categories: The pretentious type, they love to talk about themselves and show their knowledge (which incidentally is usually of little interest to the person facing them) and then the other group. In this second group we find men who are desperate to hide their nervousness, their emotion, those who are afraid to show that they  in panic, anxious, because they are completely in love!! The difficulty is to know how to distinguish the two species. Hint: look at his hands. If they are crossed and calm, go your way. If, however, they look  agitated, sweaty, then in this case you are probably dealing with a shy guy… squeaky for you!

He  touches you

Touch is a fundamental element in the game of seduction. Consciously or not, we always try to create a physical contact with the person we like … even on a first date. If he dropped his briefcase and inadvertently touches you casually in trying to pick it up, or he spills his wine glass to better and offers to help you clean the spot where it spilt, then it is that he finds you irresistible!

He prolongs the date

He takes a dessert and coffee, then another … Such signs, as small as they are, do not lie: your hot date does not want the evening to end, no desire to leave. And it will be even more obvious if also, he proposes to take you down home …

He hints at a second date

Men are not the type to throw phrases like that, just to have fun. If he speaks, if only in passing, the next time you see him, if he plans to introduce you to a particular restaurant, this or that museum, then it is plain that he wants to see you again. And therefore, he likes you. It is mathematical!

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Image credits: Angel Ganav (Creative commons)