As a woman, one of our biggest weakness is our ability to close our eyes! The signs are before our eyes, but being blinded by our hope for a fairy tale, we see nothing. Although it may sometimes be difficult to figure out The “is he nervous or interested not” question, but this articles contains obvious signs that he is simply not interested.

Girls, today we open our eyes and we ask the right questions. Here are 5 signs that he is simply not interested in you.

1. It takes 20 years to answer your texts / calls

If when you send a simple “How are you? “And it takes him hours to answer back, you have to ask yourself, questions. A text message, takes three seconds to type and one can respond to a text message while waiting for the bus, in the subway, waiting for his computer to start, during the coffee break … well these are opportunities to show a little attention. If your text messages often remains unanswered, then you have to consider whether you are in his list of priorities.

2. He never Asks you out on a date.

You chat by text, by facebook, the feeling seems to go on your side at least, but he never suggested an appointment or going out on a date. And when you take the initiative to propose one, he never has the time. So yes, it is true, he is overwhelmed at work, but nobody works from Sunday to Sunday! If it’s hard to give you if only a few hours of his time per week then it is likely that he is simply not interested.

3. He does not justify his absences

In fact, he did not even bother to invent excuses for his absences, his failures, his non-answers. He canceled the appointment at the last minute without warning and without apology. In short, there is no effort. In this kind of situation, I think that we should not look far. He is just not so interested that much.

4. He never talks about his family and does not want to meet yours

It is true that in the early stages of a relationship, you do not talk about family so easily. But when time passes and you begin to get involved, family becomes unavoidable. So he never talks about his family, has never presented  his siblings nor his parents and besides, he does not want to meet your family to sign … what more do you need to understand, he just is not interested in you?

5. He wants to see you for sex

The few times he shows interest in you, it’s for the sex! For that, He moves, harassing you on the phone and is ready to do whatever you ask. Once the shake has passed, he starts to pull away, until the next urge for the “cookie”. Apart from the 4 walls of your room or his, you never see. Pull the alarm bells. He is not interested in you!