6 Rules for a long distance relationship

You met a person you fell in love but the person lives away from home ? Here are some rules for a long distance relationship that ensures that your relationship persists through the travails that often plague long distance relationships!

The  rules for a long distance relationship

1. invest

Before anything else, you must make up your mind and be ready to invest personally, and your partner must also be willing to do the same. Keep in mind that this will not always be easy and that you will have many moments of doubt, but you will live to have unforgettable moments of happiness as well.

2. trust

You must have confidence in your partner because without trust it is impossible for any relationship to survive! It is true that it is hard to keep yourself from getting jealous, but when you give into your feelings of jealousy this complicates a relationship that is already hard enough to manage!

3. Stay in touch

Call you as often as you can. Tell each other about your day, your little hassles, your moments of happiness and sadness. It is very important to show your partner that despite the distance, that they are part of your life. Ask him about how his day went. Exchanging news as often as possible is vital for the couple. And do not hesitate to use a webcam !

4. Live your life

Your partner away, this is normal! But you must not forget that you have to live your life too. And being away from your  partner provides an opportunity to take the time to be with family and friends. You should  have friends who were always there for you. So you need to devote a little time! It is necessary to have a good time with friends.

5. Be in touch as much as possible

Visit your loved one as often as possible! Naturally, you should consider this option in view of

6 Rules for a long distance relationship

6 Rules for a long distance relationship

your financial means. Moreover , it is normal if your partner is in financial difficulty to help or share costs. You ‘re a couple , sharing is the key word! And you’ll see your reunion will be full of beautiful moments full with intensity.

6. Have projects

For the survival of your relationship, it is important to have common projects. These can be a simple trip abroad during the holidays or your life together in the years to come.

The distance is the best way to test a couple. If your love persists, it means you ‘re really made for each other !