7 Ways to React when a Man is Playing Mind Games

7 Ways to React when a Man is Playing Mind Games

How to react when a man is playing mind games: do not let your mind run with these mind games

Have you been feeling confused and angry because you realize that your man has been playing mind games with you? If you do not know what to do in these circumstances, then just take a look at these tips that will give you an idea of how you can deal with this situation.

#1 Treat it the same way
If he can have a hidden agenda, then you can as well! Do not do something he doesn’t do, instead simply mirror his behavior by treating him the-same way he treats you. In this way, when he gets angry or irritated with you – he’ll know how it feels !

#2 Let him know that you see through him
One of ways to react when a man is playing mind Games is to not let him get away with it. Let him know that you aren’t stupid and that you can see right though his mind games. If you make him aware that you know exactly what he’s up to, then he will feel stupid and immature and refrain from these psychological tricks with you.

#3 Pretend it doesn’t affect you
One way to make him stop playing mind games with you, is to pretend it does not affect you at all. Keep doing what you are doing and treat him with love. He will realize that it is a waste of time trying to make you possessive, curious, jealous  or anything else, sooner or later he will get tired of playing mind games with you.

#4 Be distant and cold
You could show him that you do not like his tactics a single bit! You do not have to be worked up about it, but you can react coolly! By being distant and not encourage or smother him as you did in the past, until he stops his stupid mind games . Sooner or later, he must get the message!

#5 Talk to him
Another way to make him see the light is to talk to him frankly. If you try to be open and honest and talk to him in a way that shows you still love him, but will no longer tolerate the mind games he wants to play, he will surely change the errors of his ways and relent.

#6 Be Unaccommodating
Punish and be inconvenient! If he insists on mind games with you and is getting you confused with his actions, then it is time to react and stop letting him do so. Do not give in and make him feel comfortable with this kind of behavior. once he realizes that you are refusing to meet and see to his needs when he is playing mind games with you. This will stop.

#7 Do not be quick to judge
Start by asking yourself why they need to play mind games with you. Do not be quick to judge or criticize his behavior. It could be that he is unsure of your feelings for him and he will tend to act out  his fears and doubts,  through playing mind games with you. A good course of action will be to quickly reassure him of your deep love for him and he’ll stop immediately.