Dating profile more attractive

Dating profile more attractive








With the modern lifestyle most people lead where there is little time for social interaction, to find a new guy you may now have to on the web, you then have to decide on which dating site to sign up. The problem : your profile is not attracting anyone. Here is our advice on how to make your dating profile more attractive .

Change your picture

It’s stupid, but useless to deceive : the photo is the first thing that people look at when they view your profile. If your profile does not attract anyone, it’s probably your misnomer photo ( or maybe you did not set one at all). To increase your chances, select a photo that is attractive and do not hesitate to seek the advice of those around before making your choice.

Why not your nickname

This is a minor detail, but it has its importance : your photo and your name are the first things a visitor will see by doing  a search. To be sure when choosing, ask your friends and family . So it is important that you choose something catchy and appealing enough to get a look in.

Review your ad

If the problem is not the picture, it may be just your ad. Keep in mind that the purpose is not to describe you from every angle , but to arouse the interest and curiosity of the reader. The secret? The humor, self-deprecating humor and mystery. Be funny and do not hesitate to be shifted ! The key is to trigger a reaction to create the desire to go further, to know the person behind this ad .

Don’t say too much

Maybe you made the mistake of saying too much, you open too : it is quite tempting to spend a few lines of your ad talking about your privacy, your dreams and desires, saying too much is far from being a good idea. When you say too much, you break the mystery around yourself and that reduces the urge in the person reading the profile to probe further and get to know more.

Article: How to make your dating profile more attractive