Waiting for the right guy to come around can be an endlessly tiring process, especially if you have sit around waiting him to magically show-up. The question is is they a way to go about finding the right one for you? Are they things you could do, that will make your search more successful. In this piece, i am going to be proffering answers to these questions and more…about “how to find Mr Right”

You have got to  decide on what you want.

You have got to decide on what you want.

What do you want?
The first step in finding Mr right is to clearly define who exactly he is, what are the core values you cherish? What are about physical attributes such as height, built and so on. You need to define all these in terms of character traits the right guy must absolutely have. These are values you absolutely cannot compromise on. It’s amazing how much clarity you have when you have clearly defined what you want, you automatically make your dreams realizable.

Don’t Put Your Life on Hold
The fact that you not found the right guy or relationship doesn’t mean you have to arbitrarily put your life on hold waiting for him to show-up, finding a guy doesn’t make you “complete”. You need to be out there pursuing your dreams. When your life is on an upward spiral, you ooze confidence, your self esteem is on the up and up, and you are better able to attract the right man. Consider learning a new language, joining a gym, getting a new hobby or taking some night classes, or even learning how to do new things like riding a horse or playing a new sport.

Rise above the blast
To be the best you, you have to break free from the failures of the past, the fact that you have made wrong choices in the doesn’t mean there is something with you or that you are doomed to with losers. We all have made mistakes and the best we can do is to learn from them and not letting past mistakes scar us. Don’t let yourself become cynical and start making generalizations, such as “All men are liars”. Yes a man may have hurt you in the past, and it will be another man, the right one, who will take away the memories of past hurts.

Be Yourself
As simple as this sounds quite a lot of us find it difficult to achieve. The number one reason why this is so, is that a lot of ladies put themselves under tremendous pressure. To find the right guy, you must first be the right woman, instead of focusing on finding the perfect guy, rather focus on being the right woman. The author John Maxwell, remarks that everything around us seem to get better, when we get better ourselves.

Evaluate your physical Appeal
To be frank, quite a few ladies will measure up to the models on magazine covers, but the truth is that everyone has that thing that makes them unique, we all have that one thing going for us, your duty now is to find out what your best features are and try to accentuate them. Instead of trying very hard live up to certain stereotypes, accept yourself for who you are and try to be the best you can be.

Where do i find Mr Right

When you have clearly defined who your Mr right is, you are better able to connect with him, by knowing the habits, character and values of the right man for you, you can now with a high level of accuracy know where he will be, what kinds of activities he will be engaged in, and all that. If for example religious faith is an important value for you, then you are more likely to meet a guy who shares this value in a church environment.

To find the right guy you have to be looking in the right places, places such are bars and clubs are rarely the places you find the kind of guy you are looking for, and this is so for places that revolve around night life.

The guys that turn out to be the right ones are the ones you meet through mutual friends, and at casual parties. These are people you can have prolonged contact with, a relationship with a guy you meet randomly may not move along naturally.

To find the right guy, you have to be where he would likely be.

To find the right guy, you have to be where he would likely be.

Image credits:(Hallenser & Tony Alter)