How to Make him Commit to You

How to Make him Commit to You

Being in a relationship can work one way or the other for you; you can end up having a happy courtship and get married or you may run into a myriad of disagreements and eventually breakup with your boyfriend. Problems in relationships stem from different sources but one question has been known to come up in more than 50% of relationships, “what is the best way to make him commit?” While commitment is important in a relationship, it is even more important to know how to go about fostering it in your own case. Learning how to make him commit will save you some of these stress, so here are a few tricks that can help you bring that sign of commitment closer home.

Prodding, nagging, begging and all other pushy tactics will definitely not help you get things done any faster. If you want your man to pop the big question and put a ring on your finger, then you have to learn to exercise patience. Men always second guess engagement and marriage and therefore forcing them into it will only give them the jitters.

Be a loving girlfriend: Pop in at his place every once in a while and make sure you spend quality time with him. Try not to make it a habit though as this may overwhelm him. Let him be the one to ask you to come over but when you do, cook up a storm, dress to kill and have fun with him.  This way he will learn to associate committing to you with having a great time.

A little tinge of jealousy can do wonders for you: There is absolutely no point in staying in a relationship if the man is never going to commit to you.  One easy way of getting him to commit to you is to keep your options open. Do not become a broken record pining for a proposal from him as this will make you look desperate and this is not how to make him commit to you. Go out with your friends once in a while and let him realize that you have a life of your own. Always look stunning, men like that but the one thing that will get you nowhere is giving ultimatums. As much as you want to settle down with him, telling him that its your way or no way will make him run and this may be counter-productive if your goal is to get your boyfriend to commit to a meaningful relationship with you.

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