How to Get the Right Guy - ask the right questions

How to Get the Right Guy – ask the right questions

How to get the right guy – ask the right questions

Hey women, you better know the right questions to ask in other to get the right answers, before you get too involved with this new guy. If you do, you will be able to avoid the intense pain that awaits when you don’t do your due diligence. These questions are time-tested and simple. The answers will get to tell the story. The following questions will help you avoid the idiots and help you get the winning catch.

Before turning to questions, a word about your approach to a potential date. Do not carry a notepad and pencil. OK , I know you won’t really do that – unless you’re just stupid. But do not come in with one in your handbag and then quickly rush to the bathroom to write your conclusions. This may make it seem like an interview, which would make it too uncomfortable. Anyway, use the creative side of your brain and ask these questions without making him feel that he is in the spotlight. Just do it in the normal sequence of the conversation, OK ?

Question number one: ” Hey, can you tell me about your relationship with your mother.” Do note that you’re not really going to ask this bluntly, but at this stage, it is your duty to be creative, not mine. Here’s the deal – if he has a crappy relationship with his mother, then he is probably not the guy for you (I know there are exceptions, but not many ). This is a huge red flag. This usually means the guy does not know how to respect women, or relate to women, or is afraid of women. I know what you think of the ” fear of women ” statement. “Wow, that would be fun ,” you say. Stop. Press the delete button and move on. Your boy toy is not for the future.

Question number two: ” Hey Gizmo, what is your definition of masculinity?” Does he think soft is weak? Is his idea of a man, someone who is authoritarian or someone who has to be in charge? Some guys are threatened by a woman challenging their brilliance. For some, the idea that you have a valid opinion is not a possibility. Here is some homework for you – well write your definition of a man. Perhaps a clarification is in order for some of you, I ‘m not talking about physical characteristics. You eventually get a little tired of this if there was nothing else. Get help with this “man” definition
from your friends. This could be fun.

Question number three: “Hey Joe, how do you handle problems?” One of the most common flaws in the bad guy, is that he tends to respond to problems with anger. He may suddenly explode. Does your new guy have temperament issues, that he justifies with the “I can not control it” excuse or “it’s a family trait” nonsense. This is such a load of crap. Run!

This is not the only thing you are looking for. You will want to know if they can solve problems. You will have problems. If you do not believe so, then you are a problem. The question is, can he find a solution?

Here is the great one… can he ask for help? We know that most “real” men do not have all the answers and cannot admit it. It is interesting to you, women , is it not? Even the Bible says there is safety in many counselors. Admit it, you would melt ( or dying from a heart attack ) if your beefcake came to you said , “Baby , I made an appointment with a counselor. I think it would help us get another angle on it.” When you find this type women, hold on to him, he is a keeper.

Alright then. There you go. No more excuses for being with a loser. You now have the secret questions for how to get the right guy. And once you do, well, stand by your man.