How can I make a guy chase after me? use these effective tips and answer the question of  how can i make him run after me. Do you wonder why the wonderful guys often end up with women who are rather average?

This is because when it comes to keeping a guy interested, they have done their homework. It is always good to have your guy put more effort into the relationship, to feel wanted by your guy. These seven steps are what it takes.

The first step: Never look desperate. Always look as if you are very desirable. Do not make it seem like he is your only chance to be in a relationship. Most guys do not totally love signs of despair in a girl. This is why you should keep looking desirable – not only by him but by every single guy available.

Step Two: Play a little hard to get. Tell him your life does not just stop simply because he had expressed an interest in you. You want him to think there are other opportunities for you. In this way, you can ensure that he will be motivated to give more effort in this relationship and effectively answer your question of how can i make him run after me?

Step Three: Do not call him, Let him call you. Resist the temptation to call first. If you take the first step, you will eventually find yourself doing the chasing, because you can not wait for him to take the lead. If he calls you first, do not save the number – for the moment. This will help you a lot when it comes to making him run after you.

Step Four: Do not be too curious. Do not spy on your guy all the time. If you keep poking the time will come when he will eventually catch you. This can be quite an annoying experience for you, then refrain from invading his privacy – because you do not want the same thing happening to you.

Step Five: Be a woman of many facets Try different things. You can do this by learning a new language, trying another sport, or being interested in the things that you did not pay any attention to before. Guys like women who can do many things and this is usually a turn on for them.

Step six: It is normal to feel jealous, but do not show that you are the jealous type. When your man discovers that you really are the jealous type, it may completely put him off. It’s okay to show possessiveness and men do find this attractive, but taking it to the extreme may get you into trouble. If you feel a sense of jealousy, the best way to deal with it is to keep it to yourself.

Step Seven: what keeps the fun, Show interest in the things he likes. Watch basketball games with him, play computer games together, and join him in the love of his favorite TV shows. This will develop your relationship, as he can share ideas and thoughts with you.

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