How do I know if my ex still has feelings for me?

Some times it can difficult wondering whether or not an ex will be willing to take us back.

One question that often comes after a breakup is  does my ex still have feelings for me? How do I know if my ex still has feelings for me? And most importantly is this, does it leave me with a chance to be able to get back together? Can he have feelings for me when he is with someone new? Why do we need to know if our ex still has feelings of love for us?

During a breakup, it is always reassuring to know that the person who left us still has feelings towards us. Firstly, because it is good for our own ego …  it gives depth and legitimacy to what we have built … If he still has feelings for me despite the breakup, then I’m someone who has counted to him and maybe all hope is not lost!

You are right to think that all hope is not lost, but you have to be careful here, there is no need for making  false hopes either … It  all depends on many things, each story is unique, as you know …
In these moments, we are often moved to interpret these messages or any information we have about this ex. We always try to see if he / she does or says anything concerning us. Sometimes yes, we can imagine that he / she is not too sure of their decision, he/she may unconsciously leave obvious signs of a desire to take you back (he / she calls you to retrieve a piece of clothing or a picture … things that are not very useful, or call you up for talks just to keep in touch as friends …).

However, these signs do not mean that he/she will have the courage to rebuild something with you, but there is still hope in this case especially, if your ex decides to ignore his fears.

However, sometimes there are pitfalls, it happens that some people even if they have themselves taken the decision to break up, are unable to turn the page permanently. They maintain friendly relations with their ex,  just simply because it is too difficult for them not to be related with the people they have known and have been close so to in the past, even if this pseudo relationship exists, it is meaningless  … it is not necessarily a sign of amorous feelings as it is simply your ex’s character or personality trait, whether it was you or someone else it would still be the-same.

How to know when the prospects are good….

Our ex may have feelings for us or simply not be able to close the door, anyway how do we recognize a situation where we still have a real chance?

I think you will not be surprised if I tell you that it depends on several factors:
– Strength of feelings of love: true love is built over time, so, it is possible that your ex, remembering the good times, can be brought to want to give you another chance. Otherwise, even if there are romantic feelings, your ex may have the feeling that this is not worth the (short-term relationship, distance …).
– Personality and experience: it depends on the personal and relational history of your ex, but also his personality … If he has had relationship problems in the past, difficulty maintaining relationships in the long term, then he may be one to make decisions and never go back on them(despite the possible persistence of feelings for you) …
– Conditions of the breakup: If the reasons for the failure of your relationship are more or less serious (communication problems, incompatibility of personalities, carelessness, or infidelity, betrayal …).

Can he have romantic feelings for me when he is with someone else?

This is a fairly common question … In response I would say yes and no! This again depends on the situation. If the duration of your separation has been long, then he / she has probably had time to mourn your relationship and now he / she looks radiant (e) with a new person, then we can say to some extent that he / she has certainly  moved on …

However, if your ex  quickly enters into a new relationship with someone else, not sure he / she has enough time to turn the page on you, so it can be that he/she still has romantic feelings towards you but now the question is: will he take account of these feelings and thus put an end to this (new) relationship to give you a chance? Or will he finally use this new relationship to try to grieve, to try to lessen over time his feelings towards you … It is not because he / she is with someone new, that your getting back together is doomed to failure but the decision he/she takes towards you (to give you a chance or to move on) depends only on him and no one else, not even on this new relationship, or you …


When can you intervene to reconnect?

When can you intervene to reconnect, it is after a certain time of separation (when you have had time to breathe, see if you still feel something for your ex, and then think about whether you are up to trying again )

After this time, the first few contacts with your ex will help you quickly determine if he/she will be  receptive to the idea of taking you back (early friendly signs, do not press too much!). If this is the case then yes, you have all your chances for a new “test”. The key is to take your time to better prepare for this new opportunity …

Carole Sanders