How to Get Men to approach You.

Are you unconsciously preventing men from approaching you? You may not be aware of this but if men are not approaching you, then there must be something preventing them from doing so. One thing that is certain is that men are always approaching and hitting on women but they are some attitudes and situations that prevent them from doing so. It might be a mean facial expression, you are always hanging out with a group of women or a woman who is must understand that for a man the most important thing is his ego, and he will do anything to prevent his ego from getting shattered, and this includes avoiding or not approaching a lady that is likely to snub or embarrass him.

For instance most men will not approach a woman who is surrounded by a group of ladies. He will find it intimidating to go up to a group of ladies because he will have to impress all of them and reduces the chances of having a conversation with the particular lady he is interested in.

The point is that for men to approach you, you have to make yourself safe to approach, and this involves understanding those situations in which men view you as unapproachable and making adjustments.

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