There is obviously no magic recipe for keeping a man, but there are certain conditions which, if met, will greatly promote the deepening of the relationship and therefore have an effect on the feelings of the man.

Here are tips on How to keep a man interested in you every woman should know.

How to keep a man interested in you.

How to keep a man interested in you.

Once you have found the man of your dreams, it is natural that you want him to stay and you want to do everything you can to keep him interested in you alone. If you’re afraid to make a wrong move and let your man slip through your fingers, then you do not need to be. Just follow these steps and your man will stay interested in you!

Take care of his needs only
You know your man and what he likes or dislikes. Therefore, it is up to you to give him the space that is needed or choke your love. Most guys love the attention and love that you can shower on them, but also to be left to themselves from time to time. So make sure you do not become too demanding or oppressive.

Excite his animal instincts
Never think that your man is has  passed the stage of being moved by seeing that you look sexy and attractive. It will not hurt your guy to model in lingerie and outfits that will show off your best body. Not only will your man not like to lose you, but you keep your relationship fresh and exciting. Remember that if your physical relationship becomes boring and predictable, then your man may lose interest and look elsewhere.

Stand by your man
No matter what your hobbies  and interests, you should accommodate them  and try to be a part of them. Support is all your man wants from you. This will give confidence and capacity needed him. Do not try to make him abandon his interest simply because you do not like them or they are “not you.” He hates you for it. In fact, if you stand by him and support him, he will appreciate and love you all the more for it.

Keep him by paying attention to him

In fact, men like women also need to feel loved, to feel beautiful in your eyes, to feel supported etc..

He cannot flourish in a relationship where his wife or partner is distant and if she shows no sign of affection for him. The latter is manifested not only by tender gestures, but also in reassuring words, spoken with love.

In addition, attention is also evident through curiosity. A man likes you to be interested in what he does, could be in his work, in his everyday life or in his business.

To keep him stuck to you,  ask him questions, let him talk about his passions and desires, you will see the spark come to his eyes. To summarize, a man needs to be valued.

Accept your man for who and what he is

How to keep a man interested in you

How to keep a man interested in you

Remember that you fell in love with your man just the way he is. If you try to change him,  then it is likely that he will start to resent you and end up hating you. To maintain interest, show him that you just love the way he is and not try to control him in any way. If you behave like a partner of dignity and independence, respecting his opinions, he will never lose interest in you.

Complicity:  needed to keep him

Complicity is an element that can weld a relationship, it is the tool that will more or less determine the length of a relationship.

A man needs to feel comfortable with you, and this is attained in complicity. Indeed, being accomplices means being close to one another, whether having fun together, doing more things together, so that confidence and well-being is improved.

Attention:The word complicity should not be misunderstood, you need to become his best friend  so that your relationship becomes more than a strong relationship or platonic friendship.

A way to do this would be to discover a common passion and share it with the man so that feelings are always strengthened and pleasure takes an important place.
Desire: What’s more important to keep a man?

A trivial thing for a man you say, yet it is a fact, the desire for the woman is an essential way to keep a man.

Desire is something that should be a constant search. Do not think that because he loves you, you still will want and in any situation.

In other words, the desire must come from your overflowing sensuality, whether in your actions, in your words, or in the way you are dressed.

In addition, a man must feel that you also wish that there was only him and a glance at him to let you think your wildest desires.

 keep a man  interested by integrating with his friends:

How to Keep a man interested in you

How to Keep a man interested in you

For a man, the friends around him are very important and he really needs them to feel whole.

This is why it is important for you as a woman to make the effort to integrate with this community, to the extent possible, especially with the people who are most dear to him.

This circle is for him a kind of secret garden, and that you enter it with him makes him happy, because nothing is more stressful, for a man than having to choose between his wife and his friends.

Moreover, friends are sometimes present for several years and may know your “man” better than you. In this case, the opinion of these people is very important to him and you will be well advised to relate with them amicably.

Use Jealousy to keep your man interested!

A man generally feels flattered by some form of jealousy because it allows him to be more confident, and feel like a superstar for having you..

However, excessive or morbid jealousy is usually stuffy and scary.

In fact, as difficult as it may seem, you should have some perspective on things and take a step back, before triggering anger.

The easiest solution is obviously to be trusted, even if it is not always obvious, since trust is not always enough to prevent slipping.

You have absolutely no control then why not simply be trustworthy and enjoy your relationship?

Mutual respect

Mutual respect is the key to the development of a couple.  Your man has  a life of his own, and there are some things he does not want to bring to light.

It is also important that you respect certain choices that may seem hard to accept, respect the feelings of each other that you do not necessarily share.

Obviously I’m not saying we should all respect and accept all, you’re only  to what is reasonable and what is not.

Moreover, the word “mutual” is essential because respect must be mutual, it is not natural that one person should be in charge for the well-being of the other.
Be yourself: probably the most important way to keep him!

The tips above absolutely should not go against your personality.

Indeed, men like women who have character and are distinguished from others by their personality.

You can not build a model of the “perfect woman”, this argument is only to help you and is not intended to change your way of living and thinking. It is essential that you stay the same as you were when he fell in love with you, he has fallen in love with everything that you might be.

Remember he is with you now and he is obviously interested. So learning how to keep a man interested in you will only make you go the extra mile and make sure he feels loved, appreciated and respected. This will make him see how valuable you are and how much you really mean to him.

And over to you, what are your tips for keeping your man?

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