How to know if you really love someone

Some times our emotions can get so mixed up that we find it difficult to know if we truly love someone, this article is about How to know if you really love someone.

Some times our emotions can get so mixed up that we find it difficult to know if we truly love someone, this article is about How to know if you really love someone.

The person caught your attention for sure, and you like the way he or she dresses, moves and behaves. But you are not sure you love him to the point of going out with or dating. Would you want to find out? would you be interested in finding out How to know if you really love someone? If so follow these steps to find out if you are “really” into that new girl/guy enough to take the next step !

1 Get to know the person better . You can do this before “going out” with the person. The more you get to know them, the more you can tell if what you feel for the person is just friendship or if there is more to it than that. Talk and do fun activities with the person to reveal more of your true feelings .

How does the person act when things are going well for them, such as in a game? Will he boast and is he happy to have “crushed” the competition and does she also appreciates the efforts of others ? How does he or she act when things go wrong ? Will they whine or try to understand how to handle the situation?

2 Take time to reflect and ask yourself why you like the person. What distinguishes him from others? There are many people who are physically attractive and smart in this world. But if you see something beyond the appearance and intelligence that really catches your attention, you have “marked” the person as unique in your mind and probably like them.
The most interesting person outside could be very ugly inside, while the person appearing to be the most simple in the crowd could have a personality that “sticks” perfectly with yours, as butter on toast .

3 Consider how many times you think about the person. If you find yourself thinking about this person several times during the day, and they are happy thoughts and maybe your heart skips or beats a little faster, then you are definitely in love.

4 Think of how often you laugh at his jokes. When you love someone, you will find yourself laughing at things made up by the person, even if they are not so funny. This is a natural attempt to make the person feel appreciated.

5 Count the several times you talk to him. If you had a conversation with this person, it will loop in your head and you can not stop thinking about it, it means that this discussion was important to you and you probably like the person .

6 Consider how often you try to be near that person . If you plan your walking speed to catch a view of the person as many times as possible in a day, there is a good reason it is because you like him.

7 Do you have chills when you see him? Or this funny feeling in the stomach ? If this is the case, you probably are already in love, because he makes you feel ” a whole new thing” without even talking. Ask him out on a date!

8 Measure the “electricity ” when you accidentally touch the person. Think about how you feel when you touch him , accidentally or on purpose. If you still think about the time spent together several hours after, then it is a significant thought and you probably like the person .

9 Try to get him out of your mind. Do something you really enjoy, such as biking , reading or something else. And if you still think about the person, then it is most probable that you like him.

10 Ask for a date. If you feel ready for a relationship, and you think the answer is positive, then ask for a date. If you are not sure of his feelings for you, ask! Sometimes a person may be mean to you and will act as if he or does not like you, but it’s actually totally the opposite. So, in a slightly “twisted” way, that person could really love you, but may not know how to express it in a positive way .


Try to be subtle, so as not to spoil the friendship. If you are sure you love this person , try to flirt slightly and release hints. He will let you know through his body language of his feelings towards you, and you can both move forward on that basis.

You can never be 100% sure that you love a person, even if you get to know him more. During puberty, tweens and teens may experience what is known as a crush. This means that you have this feeling of exciting ‘love’, but this is only because of puberty hormones and not necessarily because you really love that person. So be careful!

When you first learn to know someone , do not say that you are trying to discover how you feel about him. In order not to arouse feelings in the person towards you and hurt him if you ever finally find out that you do not really like him.

Remember: you can greatly appreciate someone, but without love .
Always try to communicate with the boy or girl you like. Give him small messages by SMS or email, and see how the person reacts.
Having feelings for a boy or a girl is quite normal and is a very happy and beneficial part of life . But it is important not to become obsessed with anyone. So try to do things alone or with friends and have a life of your own.

Do not throw the person off. If she likes you, she also flirt with you. So think before doing anything radical. If the person likes you, she might flirt with other people to see how you react . Play the “cool” and show him that you do not need it , but deep down you want to be with.


Do not ask a third-party to do the legwork for you. If the person really loves you, he could still always say no ( Think about it: if someone came to you and asked you if you liked another person, would you say yes ? ) . If she really loves you , you may feel grief .

Do not tell too many people that you are in love someone. This could hurt you, and complicate the situation between you and the person and you could both end up getting hurt.

Do not end a friendship with someone after finding out that you do not like the person. If you have built a strong friendship  only  to end it abruptly, then the person may feel like scrap.

When you love someone, you can see his actions in a new light and you’ll want to convince yourself that he loves you. Be careful in this regard, because when you find out that this not the case it can lead to heartache. So be careful .

If you love the person , but he or she does not feel the same way towards you, do not end the friendship. But do not try to push the person to like you either.

A trusted friend who you can talk about everything. You will need to share your feelings with someone (preferably someone of the same-sex as the person you ” pinch in ” to your friend (s) can give you advice and help you).