why men lose interest in women all of a sudden

why men lose interest in women all of a sudden

why men lose interest in women all of a sudden
Do you often scratch your head thinking why men lose interest in women all of a sudden ? read this.

Most women have been there before : Everything seems to be fine, and then all of a sudden this great guys that you’ve been seeing withdraws and loses interest. Do you wonder why this happens? Some common reasons why men suddenly lose interest:

They are programmed with the desire to spread their seed

In many cases , this is simply the nature and evolution taking on his brain.
The male species comes with programmed instincts which makes them to spread their seed to as many places as possible. In today’s society, this seems odd, but if you look around you can see examples of this everywhere. Men are not monogamous by nature, but civilization has made us move forward away from this. Men who are more evolved can overcome this and think for
themselves, but most guys just follow their instincts.

They get bored easily

Guys can be really childish in the way they constantly need some form stimulation and entertainment. They are always in need of something new to make their life interesting. When they were little, it was toys and games that kept their brains busy and their days less boring. But in adulthood, it is
women, because more often than not their work does not even come close to providing the stimulation and excitement they need.

It’s not so much about them becoming bored with you or sick of you, as it is about them just needing to switch to something more recent. Sad but true.

He does not think you are compatible

It is possible that a guy thinks of you and has come to the conclusion that you are just not a compatible match. Most men would tell you that they want to lead a life that is as simple and drama-free as possible. If he feels that the two of you do not get along or when they is a lot of arguments, it is likely to lose interest and turn away.

Have you done or said something that was a red flag?

It is probable that you have once gone out on a date with a guy and he said or did something that made you to backtrack and you did not want to see him anymore. You are also able to turn a guy off in the same way.

Sometimes a guy is uncomfortable with the closeness that you share or how he has told you about himself and wants to bail out anyway, he’ll just be looking for an excuse to end the relationship. Seemingly harmless actions or words you say can make him lose interest and just pull away away.

His fears

There are occasions where a man seems to have lost interest, but in reality it is just terrified of the level of intimacy and commitment. This fear will make him appear withdrawn until finally he is able to re-access his emotions and and decides to stay with you.

He knows he has nothing to offer

Sometimes a guy thinks he can not give you what you want and / or need. Often, this guy is doing you a favor because he’s right. Maybe he can see that you are after a serious relationship when he is only looking to have a casual fling. Or he knows that you do a making a good living and he is intimidated because he can not equal your income level. It is situations like these that compound to make it seem to be that he is uninterested because he does not like the ego blow of failure.

He can not play with you

Guys need to be with the girls they can have fun with. If you get stuck and / or judgmental, or do not get out much, he’ll probably try to be more open and then give up and lose interest if it fails.