What  men look for in a potential wife

I am convinced a woman’s physical appearance can make any man drool, especially when she has a body to die for. This is because men, like women, automatically respond to physical signs such as a beautiful face and smile, a narrow waist-line engulfed in a sexy body, silky smooth skin, hair and the works.

What do men look for in a potential wife?

What do men look for in a potential wife?


In fact, research has shown that about 60 percent of men involved in a survey, identified the physical appearance as what attracted them to their wife at first – the first impression. But when the time comes to think about marriage, the researchers however found that physical beauty, in whatever form, is often not a sufficient criteria.

Most men think differently when they seek to build a long-term relationship versus when it is just a short fling. They tend to look far beyond the physical attributes and appearance of a woman, they look to things including her attitude and character.

Having talked with a lot of men over the past two years, it finally dawned on me that they like women who have a positive disposition. Men are measuring the mood of women to see if they want them to become their life partners. Their preference is for women who have a positive mindset.

“She has so much energy and  she easily integrates in any gathering ,” said a man.

“She was so bright and lively when I first laid eyes on her. I remember saying to myself, she will be my wife,” said another.

Men are concerned a lot about the mood because they realized that once married, the moods of their wives will control the sphere of energy of their families. For example, if she is often depressed , bitter or angry the household will feel the time down. But if she is enthusiastic, optimistic and warm, that positive energy is going to permeate around the house. Of course, men do not realize that it is not realistic to expect women to be perpetually happy all the time, but, the mood is one of the most dominant factors in terms of what men want in a woman.

Although physical beauty and optimism are attractive features for men, confidence is also considered very important. But do note that some men are afraid of women who are too bossy, or earn much more money than them! Basically, what they want in a woman is whether she could  contribute to the family income and could be managed in the workplace. In a nutshell, they want women who are strong and capable.

Brains also topped the list. A friend once told me he heard a woman using an advanced vocabulary during a public meeting and it melted his heart. That was seven years ago. Today, they have three children !

Maternal love is also valuable in the eyes of most men. Men watch when they are around children. When women show an understanding and love for children, wedding bells start ringing. This is because women with such attributes would make good mothers.

Men do not leave out devotion. They like women who respect God and are real, do not try to be smart, do not flaunt and accept everyone they meet for who they are .

There you have it . If you (women ) do not have such a soul mate yet and are looking for one, refining what men look for in a potential wife can be very useful in getting you down the aisle in no time. Good luck.

Article Source: Hasan Reynore