How to react when a guy compliments you

How to react when a guy compliments you

There are different ways by which you can respond to a compliment, especially from a guy! You may feel embarrassed or be blushing to the roots of your hair, or you can act cool and pretend it’s no big deal!

Here are some good ways to meet a guy’s compliments.

Take it in your stride
One way to respond to a compliment is to let the person who complimented you, know that you are extremely pleased with what he has said. you can smile brilliantly at the person and say “thanks” so that leaves him feeling happy to answer. You can touch his hand or even give him a hug to let him know he made your day.

The typically answer
You could do it in a way that most people do. Pretend that you don’t  deserve it and say “No, I do not think I am so good ” you can admit that you are or look good, but that you might be even better! However, it is wise to have a ready answer and a heartfelt thanks recognizing his judgment and one that makes you look modest and humble.

Show him that his compliments meant something to you
It is okay to say thank you to someone who complimented you, but it is even better to make the guy feel like you really liked the fact that he has noticed that you looked good or did something right! Make him feel special too, giving him a peck , a hug can be a good way of acknowledging the compliment .

Compliment him
Be magnanimous and compliment him. If he tells you that you look gorgeous and beautiful, do not hesitate to thank him, but tell him he looks hot too! Never give him a thank you that is half-hear-ted. It will make him feel insulted. In paying back a  compliment you tell him that you want him enough to see and enjoy it too.

Do not let it go to your head
Never make the mistake of being nonchalant and indifferent about his compliment. Even if you are a shy person, you can smile and let him know that you liked the fact that he admires you. Never do something that shows him that you are proud, vain or even arrogant! He might regret that he paid you a compliment .

Be grateful and try to get more!
If you realize that you are prone to receiving lots of compliments about your style of dressing or hair and so, do not get-lost in this knowledge. Receive compliments and make sure you try to get more. Do not dilute the compliment by saying, “I  don’t believe what you’re saying – If only you knew the truth” because saying things like these will only make him feel that you are being ungrateful.

Smile and spread the light around
You don’t really have to force yourself to return a compliment if you do not want to. He might think you are just being polite and you are insincere. Instead you can let him see how happy his comment has made you – smile and look happy! Let your behavior show that you are happy and feel beautiful because of what he told you.