signs he is leaving you

signs he is leaving you

For some time, you feel that your man is elsewhere, he is stretched, or at least he looks like it before you. You’re sure he has feelings for you.

You ask a lot of questions and look for clues in all directions. Be careful not to see evil everywhere and to over-interpret the facts, you risk further pushing him away from you.

We found the signs he is leaving you. They are:

The majority of guys have difficulty talking about their feelings and their relationship. On the one hand, it is difficult for them to express their feelings and secondly, they do not see the need as everything is fairly well …

And when it is no longer so with them, they do not see the need and are neither interested in discussing it because it’s over from their own point of view.

That’s why when your boyfriend leaves you, you are still in shock because you did not see it coming.

You want him all the more bitterly he did not know to warn you. Yet if you were careful, you could detect small signs that showed his willingness to breakup.

1. He returns late from work

When a relationship is not going well and he has no feelings for you, the man has a tendency to escape into his work. Thus, he can escape the problem burrowing into his work because at least he is doing something useful. This prevents guilt and gives him a sense of control things. He compensates for the disruption that is occurring in his private life by over investment himself in his field. Finally, when a man feels bad, he needs to be alone. The office is the only place where he is usually guaranteed of not crossing you.
2. He  makes more outings with family or with friends

At the beginning of your relationship, he couldn’t wait to introduce you to his best friend and his parents. Now it connects the pots between guys and invites you to the most famous night card games. Moreover, you go out as a couple to restaurants and he offers you a rose unexpectedly.

He needs to clear his head before taking the plunge (to leave you) and  he does this with his friends. Hence he will most probably hangout more often with the “guys” , especially with his real friends. He will talk and seek advice from those who have always been there for him and who know his heart before he came to meet you.

3. He only addresses neutral issues

He talks about what he eats at the restaurant, the weather this weekend … But he no longer speaks of projects, vacations, the future. he no longer discusses private matters because he knows that your privacy will soon be an old story.

He neutralizes more feelings. When you talk about your memories of him, he says nothing and deflects the discussion to something else.
4. He removes the physical closeness between you

When you’re out on the street, He used to take your hand. At the movies, he takes your hand or caresses your hair. But when he starts to pull away, he brings  a physical distance between you because he no longer wants to touch you all the time, as in the beginning.

He does not want to be trapped by the physical attachment which united the both of you . His body language tells you that his heart is not with you anymore.

5. He keeps sending you only Informative messages.

At least  he is limited to purely informative sms. Before he sent messages to tell you everything and anything. He asked how you were doing, he wanted to know what you were doing, where you were. He revealed his feelings in a poetic way, he was complimenting your beauty or your intelligence.

He used to share a joke, a little smiley to mean that he thought of you and is sending you a message to wish you a good night … When he stops this,  it is because he believes that it is no longer necessary and  has no more desire.

He no longer seeks to conquer or to make you smile. He no longer tries to seduce you. This marks the beginning of the end.

If you do not see more than two signs among the five, do not rush into hasty conclusions … Nothing is decided yet. While these are perhaps signs he is leaving you. Just brace up and give everything to dissuade  him from leaving.

Photo credits (creative commons) Sara Lafleur-Vetter