signs he is the right one

signs he is the right one

You met someone and want to know if it can work. Is this guy right for me? * Our love coach Mya helps you see the signs he is the right one.

Early relationship: is he interested in you?

This is a good sign: he likes you for sure, but not just for your smile, your attire, or the image you project. It is you, your personality that interests him. That’s why he wants to get to know you by asking lots of questions about your personality, your history. “The respect for individuality and openness to the personality of your partner is essential to start a relationship,” says Florence Escaravage, love coach and founder of Love intelligence.

Rather, it is a bad sign: If he does not show curiosity about you and your experiences and never asks you questions, as if he did not see you as a trophy to show off. Worse, he tries to change you and impose his desires on you without worrying about yours. Symptomatic of this closed-mindedness, he continues to blame you and asks you (if required!) Act differently, “you should do this rather than that”, “do not do this, do not do that” … In this situation a good solution is: to escape!

Early relationship: what role do you have in his life?

This is a good sign: He informs you of outings sufficiently in advance so you can get organized. He asks you of your availability and makes sure to arrange to see you, even when he has a job that complicates his time.

Rather, it is a bad sign: when he is ALWAYS spilled between his job, his friends and leaves you to the crumbs of his free time. You end up being subscribed to plans at the last minute or second parts of the evening, if he is not too tired. And his friends? It would be nice to get to meet them, he does not dim it fit to introduce them to you. Result, not only do you not plan your evenings until you receive a hypothetical phone call and that leavesĀ  you even more frustrated.
In this case, you need not linger, you are wasting your time with someone who does not give you that much importance.

Early relationship: do you communicate well?

This is a good sign: You do not agree on everything and it is these differences of interest that are the strengths of a budding couple. In case of conflicting opinions, trying to find common ground and understand the sticking points in listening to arguments on the other. The discussions are lively and sometimes end up under the covers!

Rather, it is a bad sign: When he refuses dialogue because he is convinced that he is always right. It is he who decides and you should follow suit. So it often ends in disputes. Help! He forgets that communication is the key to a successful relationship. A person reluctant to engage in discussions and is closed to your opinion may cause you a lot of frustration.

Early relationship: is it going too fast?

This is a good sign: In a couple it is important, especially at the beginning that everyone has a space of freedom. You do not faze your whole life and do not change your activities because you met just met a guy. It is this independence and autonomy that allows you to miss and crave for each other when you do not see yourself. So you have even more fun when you are together.

It’s a pretty bad sign when one or the other (usually the woman) is too fast, she may go too far or too in her demands. This is one of the reasons why men pull away. This emotional dependence may give the impression to the guy that he is been taken hostage and stifle. At the beginning of a relationship, start slowly and get to know each other, leave him a breathing space. The man needs to feel that sense of conquest. If you’re always there and all over him, he will say that it you for granted and will not bother to know you. Wait before you reveal too much. Let it come gradually! This is the best way for him to love you freely. Be patient and you will see signs he is the right one, and he will be hooked!

photo credit:MzPromise