You have fallen for him but how do you know if the feeling is mutual? It is not always easy to unravel the mystery about the real feelings of a man towards you. Here are some signs he is physically attracted to you that will help you decipher his behavior and his possible attraction to you.

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If a guy is romantically interested in you, you will notice that his body leans toward you, either subtly or more frank. This movement indicates he wants to approach you. Besides, you also lean a little.

One of the physical aspects of a romance is the need for reciprocity. That is to say, his advances must meet yours and when there is no reaction from you, he may take to his heels.

The eyes are “the windows of the soul.” If he is attracted to you, he will not hesitate to look you in the eye and to support this exchange longer. Feel free to answer with a smile and return the look.

If you are interested, you want to be close to you, to have physical contact: a leg that touches you, a hand that touches your arm, shoulder, etc. You have to understand that these gestures show affection and are not some involuntary or uncontrolled movement.

Is it really serendipity or coincidences? The fact that he is always crossing regularly on your route may be the result of his wish to see you (or yours? Following that). Anyway it is always a positive sign, coincidence or not, it seems you have some commonalities.

How to tell if a man is giving you attention? When he is not talking about himself. Easy! A guy who listens to you completely, without constantly going on and on about himself, probably feels more than friendship for you.

A guy who agrees to go shopping or to watch a romantic movie with you, without complaining, no doubt a favorite for you!

You have two shots at humor and yet he laughs at your jokes? He is certainly hooked. No one laughs at the not-so-funny jokes of others unless they have deeper feelings for them.

Men are not so sure of themselves facing a girl they like. There are more nervous and they hate it: they like to be in control of their emotions. If you notice that he always gets nervous in your presence, no doubt he is attracted to you. Relax and, show him that you need his help, he will feel valued.

Men and women do not have the same reflexes: she speaks, he is silent. He needs to have the desire for conquest while she is guided by emotions. Women  easily show their feelings, they are not ashamed to cry, to confess their emotions. If a man is able to orally show his feelings, then it is clear he is very attracted to you. Enjoy this opportunity!

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Image Credit: Emily Rachael Hildebrand (creative commons)